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‘Triguero de Huétor’, a different asparragus

We market asparagus spears from the cultivar HT801, a variety relased with participation of members of our team. According to studies at the “Instituto de la Grasa, Sevilla (Spain)” contains more flavonods and saponines, than other asparagus spears. Those compounds are well known for their antitumoral function and their contribution to reduce cholesterol.

This variety has been bred from the asparagus landrace known as Verde-Morado de Huétor Tájar cultivated in Vega de Granada (Spain). This particular landrace has extraordinary organoleptic and morphological trait that makes it different from the rest of commercial asparagus. Studies developed at the University of Cordoba demonstrated that the origin of this particular landrace was a natural cross between a cultivated asparagus and a wild species (Asparagus maritimus Mill.).

Presently, this landrace is protected by the Regulatory Council of PGI “Espárrago Verde-Morado de Huétor-Tájar”, and was considered as a priority objective to promote a breeding program to increase yields but maintaining its differential quality. The first results it has been ‘HT801’ an asparagus with personality with a flavor and texture very similar to the wild “Espárragos trigueros” collected in Spanish countryside.

Our product is marketed in boxes of 4 kg.

Average diameter of the spear: 8 mm

Agrigensol products

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